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December 31, 2010
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A Vampire Sonamy Story Part 4

"Well, well, well… look whom we have here…" she said as she walked out of the shadows. "Whose there?" Tails said as he looked around after helping Amy pull out the girls from the hole. "Oh, one of you should remember me… very, very well…" the voice said again, now in plain view of everyone.

She was a ruby red hedgehog with bloodshot yet pale looking eyes and her face had one scratch her left eye. Her pure black dress was torn at the bottom, the top half showing her chest, revealing huge gashes across it. This, and almost all of Amy's friends knew that this was her aunt, the one who tormented her ever since she was little and her mother's younger sister. After years of pure torture, the queen's younger sister was caught hitting the 11-year-old princess. The price for that was a hanging but since she was royalty, she was banished from the kingdom and castle forever, but everyone knew that the one thing that would make her queen is if the king, queen, or both died…

   "NO, NO, NO! NOT YOU!" Amy suddenly screamed and then hid behind Tails and her friends. "Ah, so you do remember me Amelia…" "Of course I do, you're the one who made my life a living nightmare!" "*laughs* That's right, but I also did something else to you…" "And what's that?"

Cream: WAIT! *Turns to Amy* Amy who is this?

Amy: She… she is my aunt Jennifer… AND I HATE HER!!!

Aunt Jennifer: Now, now, now Amelia… remember to control your temper…


Aunt Jennifer: BECAUSE I SAID SO!

Suddenly, she was in front of Amy, looking strait into her green emerald eyes with her lifeless pale red ones. Amy knew that those eyes were the only things that scared her the most about her aunt. The rest of the girls hide behind Tails, but were all ready to fight this evil witch.

(P.S.- I'm just going to call her A.J. from now on k?)

A.J: You are weak compared to me Amelia… and you know that don't you?

Amy: I'm not weak, and stop Freaking calling me Amelia!

A.J: My, my, my…. What language the little princess has… *Bends down to her ear* but you should never talk to me like that, sweetheart…

And with that said, her aunt then punched the Amy right into the stomach with such force it made her fly right into a tree. The one thing the girls (and when I say the girls, I mean just Rouge, Blaze, Cream, and Maria) didn't hear was a small cracking sound when she did hit her

Everyone gasped at what just happened and Tails, Blaze, Cream, Maria, and Rouge were ready to attack her… and so was Sonic, but he was in the tree Amy got punched into, and while he was getting ready to fight he was keeping a careful eye over her… and one thing he noticed was that she was really trying to get up…

A.J: Like I said my little niece, your weak compared to me… *walks over to her, pushes her down face first, and bends down to her ear again* I think ill get rid of your little friends now… what do you have to say to that, hmm?
Amy: …

A.J: I thought so… *gets back up and turns towards Amy's friends, then starts walking towards them* Now… who's first to die…

Right when she says that, after all of them looked at Amy and saw she wasn't moving, everyone ran towards her… all with tears in their eyes… The fight went on for about an hour before Cream and Maria were knocked out cold on the ground… and Amy not moving as much anymore…

Tails, Rouge, and Blaze: CREAM!!! MARIA!!!

Tails, Rouge, and Blaze then started fighting even harder then they were before. The ruby red hedgehog just laughed at their childes attacks, and just held her arms to keep them from hitting her, what she calls it, her beautiful face. When she kept laughing at them they got madder then ever and started to fight even harder then they already were.

All of a sudden Tails thought of a plan and started to run behind her without her knowing, for she was focused on Blaze and Rouge's attacks. "Do you really think you cant defeat me?! That shale never happen in a million years… you will all end up like my pathetic little niece over there…*Turns her head over to look at the so called corpse* where… WHERE DID SHE GO?!" she said just as cream and Maria were finally getting back on there feet.

Everyone but Aunt Jennifer: HUH?!?!?! *All look over to see Amy is nowhere in sight* WHERE DID SHE GO???

A yell was heard in the darkness of the trees and a pink and red blur running out at the ruby colored hedgehog. The next thing they all knew, she was down on the ground with the one and only Amy Rose on top of her.

Tails, Maria, Cream, Rouge, and Blaze: AMY!!!!

Cream: *on her knees* Tails!!! She's Alive!!!

Maria: We can see that Cream…*roles eyes*

Amy was fighting her aunt with all her might. A.J. was ready to punch Amy in the stomach again but was caught off guard when the young pink hedgehog punched her in the face, breaking her nose. The pink hedgehog then jumped off her, landing smoothly on her feet, waiting for her aunt to get up and fight her.

A.J: You…you…*looks up* how are you alive?

Amy: … I don't have to answer to you…*turns around and walks over to Cream and helps her up* Are you ok Cream?

Cream: Yea, I'm fine… how did you—

Amy: I'll tell you later… *winks, then looks at friends who still have a shocked expression on all there faces. Amy giggles at this* Are you guys ok?

All: Were fine…

Amy: Good…*looks over were her aunt is, and sees that she is know were in sight* … and she calls me weak*laughs to self and starts walking toward spot where her aunt once was at, then sees a envelope with her name on the front and picks it up. Reads to self*


Dear Amy,

It's your Mother here, your father and I just wanted to check on you and wish you a Happy Birthday! We are very sorry we aren't there with you right now but your father and I got two tickets to emerald beach from one of the villagers, and you know how much me and your father wanted to go to that beach but the cost of the hotel and having to run the kingdom, plus the fact that we were raising someone as free spirited as you, made it very hard to do so. I really wish you were here right now! The best part for us though is that we soon found out that the whole kingdom seems to be here with us, but on person is missing in this picture and that is you are dear sweet child…

Love You,

Your Loving Mother and Father

P.S- Your father says to have a sword at your side if you decide to go into the woods.


Amy: *whispers to self* Yea mom I love you to… but if you really loved me then you wouldn't have left for it on my birthday…

Just when Amy was about to put the note away, she then saw a same arrow pointing to the back to reveal another note for her, but not from her parents…


Hello Amelia!

It's me your favorite aunt Jennifer and all I wanted to say at first in this letter is Happy Birthday! But then I thought something. "What should I get my favorite niece in the whole world?" And then it came to me, get rid of the two people in the world that always kept me from getting close to you. Your Mother and Father, but they would never leave the kingdom if all the villagers were still there… so I sent them all an invitation to the famous emerald beach. But after a few days, they soon discovered that… IT WAS ALL A TRAP! So, dear sweet niece, I am giving you the most perfect gift in the world… I'm giving you a kingdom with no people and now, thanks to me; you might be the only princess with no family either.
This is payback for what you did to me! Have a Happy Birthday sweetie…


Aunt Jennifer


A single tear rolled down Amy's cheek, her anger finally reaching an all time high, her being ready too punch anything that dare hurt her friends... the last remaining people of her kingdom...  

Amy's thoughts: You shall pay for this aunt Jennifer.... you will pay...

As she thought of this, two mare tears rolled down her face. The once kind, pink, bubbly hedgehog soul was now turning dark right before her friends eyes...

End Of Part 4…
Well here it is! I hoped you liked it!

Wow Amy's Aunt is evil.... she killed her sister, her sisters husband, and the who entire kingdom!

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